The National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) is a national level Trade Union Federation in Sri Lanka representing and safeguarding the rights and interests of all sectors of the working population of Sri Lanka. The NTUF was founded in 2003 in Colombo by the initiative of Brother K. Velayudam, General Secretary of the Lanka Jathika Estate Workers Union along with the Union leaders of Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya and National Estate Services Union, in association with Jathika Adyapana Sevaka Sangamaya and Public Services National Trade Union Federation  having understood, realized and formulated the concept of catering to envisaged and outstanding needs for building and  strengthening solidarity among democratic trade unions. Today the NTUF represents 400 000 members from  eight national level trade unions and associations which represent plantation, mercantile, transport, health, education, public, informal, migrant and building, construction, wood and forest workers sectors.

Bro. Gamini Lokuge was elected as the first President and Bro. K. Velayudam, Secretary General and Bro. Basil de Silva the Treasurer at the first congress of the NTUF held on 18th December, 2005 in Colombo. The Lanka Jathika Estate Workers Union, Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya and National Estate Services Unions were founder members of the Federation and the Public Services National Trade Union Federation and the Jathika Adyapana Sevaka Sangamaya the associated members of the NTUF.

The National Trade Union Federation is internationally affiliated to International Trade Union Confederation - ITUC, ITUC-AP and Building Workers International – BWI.

NTUF is committed to defend the Fundamental Human and Trade Union Rights to promote  economic social, and cultural interests of the workers by supporting affiliated unions in their struggle against all exploitation of labour and  discriminations while promoting their efforts in social justice and economic welfare to ensure the fundamental rights of workers. The Federation also will improve development which generates decent work for all by reducing inequality, end mass poverty,  eliminate discrimination against women and promote the principles of equality and equity in every sphere of their activities and close national and international solidarity of workers.

The National Trade Union Federation provides training in leadership development skills, human resource development programmes, women development and youth development. NTUF stresses  and espouses social justice and decent work with special reference and attention to the problems effecting the informal sector including domestic and migrant, and building, construction and wood workers in Sri Lanka.

NTUF was registered as a trade union federation with the registrar of trade unions of the Department of Labour in Sri Lanka on 15th of December 2004 under registered number 7446. The NTUF is governed by the Delegate Congress, General Council and Executive Council.