Youth Moments

National Action Plan for Youth Employment. Sri Lanka 2007 places the youth employment as 280 000 or roughly 40% of total employment.

However, a large number of young people are unemployed. This bleak situation has paved the way for two insurgencies in the past and we face an uncertain future as the factors contributing to these upheavals have not been addressed properly.

Some of the issues faced by young workers can be summarized as follows –

  • They experience discrimination and inequalities due to class and status, geography and sector, gender ethnicity and disabilities.
  • Marginalization and exclusion in estates and rural areas due to poor infrastructure, educational facilities, etc.
  • Severe mismatch of school education and employment. Those who complete school education lack the skills demanded by employers.
  • Due to high literacy most of the young people are well educated and their attitude therefore is such that they abhor menial work or technical work. They yearn for white collar jobs, which are scarce.
  • Young people tend to be employed in the informal sector, though the prospects are comparatively low than in the formal sector.
  • Organizing young workers is rather difficult as the present day youngsters do not relate to trade unions. Instead they go after politicians to obtain benefits far more quickly.
  • They do not remain at one place of employment for an acceptable period but shifts from place to place seeking greener pastures.

The NTUF strongly believes that young workers are very important to the trade union movement and that the future of trade unions depends on organizing young workers and on their active participation.

A resolution was adopted at the first congress of the NTUF to allocate 1/3 of the posts of office bearers to young people. This resolution has now been embodied in the Constitution of the NTUF. A separate youth committee has been set up to implement this resolution.


Youth Committee

President                     -    Mr. V. Rudiradeepan 
Deputy President        -    Mr. Sumudu

Vice Presidents
Ms. Darani Nadeema  
Ms. R. Sujikala

Secretary                     -    Ms. Leela Dissanayake
Deputy Secretary       -    Ms. Nalani Ratnayake

Assistant Secretarys
Mr. A.G.A. Rodrigo 
Mr. S. Klituskumar

Treasurer                      -    Mr. Preethi Chaminda  
Assistant Treasurer    -    Mr. Rajinikanth

Committee Members
Mr. Lal Dissanayake   
Mr. Sivapragasam  
Ms. L. Sasikala  
Ms. Nileshika  Liyanage  
Ms. R. Yogaranjani

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