We are for . . .

National Trade Union Federation – (NTUF) is an organization representing six trade unions and federations, an informal sector organization and a Migrants Workers Front.  Its main principles are to strengthen the voice of democratic trade unions organizations to fully practice the freedom of associations.

Though we are a member service oriented federation our services are freely extended to all sectors of workers in Sri Lanka.

Out of many services we render to our members the following few are highlighted here :-

Observes carefully the implementation of ILO Core-labour standards and preparing and submitting observations to the Ministry of labour and to the ILO and its members.

  • Strengthen the capacity and skills of member organizations to improve their bargaining ability to keep their membership well informed of the current situation.
  • To build national and international trade union network to assist or Migrants Workers serving abroad.
  • Lobby the government for necessary needy labour enactments.
  • Lobby and advocate the labour authorities and the parliamentarians to ratify ILO Convention 189 on domestic workers.
  • To provide training to our member organizations and their nominees nationally, regionally and internationally on various current topics on trade unions to improve their know how and skills.
  • Identify the unorganized informal sector and assist them to mobilize and to organize and form trade unions.
  • To organize campaigns against anti trade union action and human rights violation by the government and management.
  • Commemorate important International days such as International Women's Day,  May Day and Migrants Workers Day etc.

From the inception of the trade unionism in Sri Lanka some trade union leaders devoted their full time and labour to free our workers from virtual slavery, promoting the concept of “ labour is not a commodity”.  Freedom of Association and Workers Right were also benefits fought for by them  in a long struggle.

A few of these leaders are no more and are sadly forgotten. The NTUF therefore took the initiative of valuing the services rendered to trade unionism by ten such veteran leaders now living, by presenting them with awards at the Second Congress of the Federation, held on 12th October 2011.