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Mr. K. Velayudam

NTUF President, General Secretary of LJEWU

K. Velayudam has been associated with the Trade Union Movement in Sri Lanka for the last 40 years since  1972. He started his trade union carrier as a grassroots level organizer of the Lanka Jathika Estate workers union, which represent the tea, rubber and allied plantation sector workers.  He had performed in different positions in the Union. He was appointed as the Director Workers Education of the union in  1982 and continued to be in this position till 2002. During this period he had conducted many grassroot level, district, regional and national level worker educational programme on many different topics of Union priorities. Velayudam was elected  General Secretary of the LJEWU in 2003 at the 23rd Delegate Convention

Velayudam was elected  President of the National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) in the second Congress in Rajagiriya in Colombo in October, 2011. Prior to this he was elected to the position of Secretary General in 2005 and the Working Committee has elected him  the position of Interim President of the NTUF in 2008.

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Mr. K. Velayudam
John Amaratunga
Mr. M.S.A.H. Mohideen
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  • National Trade Union Federation – (NTUF) is an organization representing six trade unions and federations, an informal sector organization and a Migrants Workers Front.  Its main principles are to strengthen the voice of democratic trade unions organizations to fully practice the freedom of associations.Though we are a member service oriented federation our services are freely extended to all sectors of workers in Sri Lanka.

    Out of many services we render to our members the following few are highlighted here...

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NTUF & ILO hold a Traiing Program at Badulla district on Trade Union Organization and Leadership Development from 9th to 11th, July 2007.
Capacity Building and Leadership Training program for Women was sponsored by International Labour Organization & conducted by National Trade Union Federation. Program held from 13th - 14th October, 2010.